Health Canada Releases New Food Guide

Health Canada, after many delays, finally released its new food guide for Canadians this week. While it hits the mark in some specific areas, it still depends on shaky evidence in many other areas. Recommendations to drink water rather than sugar-laden fruit juices and sports drinks is certainly evidence-based.  Sugar as an addictive substance that is [...]

The Holidays with a Low-Carb Lifestyle – It is Entirely Possible!

So, it’s almost Christmas– a time to gather with family and friends at the end of autumn and (almost) before our brutally long Alberta winter sets in!  It is completely possible to stay low-carb during the Holidays, recognizing it is a time to celebrate life, relationships, and good overall health.  It is important to carry [...]

"About 5 days into the program I started to feel better. I didn't feel any lighter or smaller but I noticed how much better my body was working. The best way I can describe it is, it seemed like someone greased all my joints. Much easier movement and mobility. I also found that my mental abilities improved. I'm thinking clearer than I ever have and I'm a lot less stressed.   And, after the last session, I finally measured my belly. I took 4" off !! This seemed unreal to me as I've felt like I was eating a lot more food. I don't feel hungry between meals and I have tons of energy. "

- Wade Church